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Rosaprima focuses on premium roses from Ecuador, cites retailer importance

Flowers have a wonderful impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. For those of us who are part of this industry, they create meaningful, important work, and for those of us who are consumers of flowers, they bring the joy of experiencing beautiful works of nature firsthand.

Rosaprima, a leading grower of Ecuadorian roses, is located in the heart of Ecuador’s Guachalá region, on the skirts of the Cayambe volcano. Guachalá is a small region, covering only a few thousand acres, and has always been a mystical place known for its fertility and abundance.

Today we have 250 acres under cultivation. Our flowers are estate-grown, and are never purchased from third-party growers. Rosaprima currently produces more than 70 million stems of varietal roses per year with over 130 premium varieties, many of which are proprietary and extremely rare. Our flowers are sold worldwide, the United States representing about 35 percent of our market share.

Too often the floral consumer is not aware of the type of flower he or she is purchasing, its history or its origin. Nor is he or she aware of the infinite possibilities of rose varieties available, from locally grown to imports, from long-stemmed roses to petite, garden roses. Our challenge as an industry is to educate people so that they become more informed floral consumers who use flowers regularly for everyday life.

One of the more important areas to address is the distribution channel. It plays a fundamental role in assuring the consumer receives a product that has been professionally and efficiently brought to market.

Additionally, retailers, whether a small flower shop or a large supermarket, are essential for guiding consumers to the right flowers for the right occasion, ensuring customers’ satisfaction with their purchases.

For the more than 1,100 Rosaprima team members, the importance of our work, and the effect it has on the lives of many, is always foremost in our minds and actions.

Ross Johnson is the president and chief executive officer of

Rosaprima. He can be contacted at