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The Inside Look (August 19)
I’m writing this column at midnight and can’t help but feel extremely blessed to be in this industry. Yes, even at midnight and after only four hours of sleep! This month in particular, I’ve been barraged with information about all of the trade shows coming up. I know what you’re thinking… “trade shows aren’t new.” But this year, as I’m receiving information and writing about these amazing events, I am absolutely astonished at the quality programs being offered.... Read more
Floral Purchasing Study Data Available
If you haven’t seen the results from the 2016-2017 Floral Purchase Tracking Study conducted by the American Floral Endowment in partnership with the Society of American Florists, you may be missing some important opportunities to reach consumers! The study is packed full of significant data regarding the actual purchases of flower-buying consumers. The study reveals details such as types of flowers purchased, amount spent, for whom and what occasions,... Read more
Grandparents Day: Connecting generations
“Grandchildren are a grandparent’s link to the future. Grandparents are the child’s link to the past.” Grandparents’ Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day in the United States. National Grandparents’ Day gives us a chance to affirm the importance of grandparents, and their vital role in families. It’s also a day of sharing hopes, dreams, values and setting an example for future generations. Grandparents’ Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor... Read more
Color trends: 2019 Holiday and what’s new for 2020
Each year, color giants like Behr and Sherwin-Williams release their top picks. From powerful aqua to soft terracotta, 2019 is all about bringing pops of color into your favorite designs with jewel-toned accents. Expect the 2019 holiday season to lean towards nature with grainy, frosty and bark-like textures. Envision design elements such as candleholders, coniferous wreaths, twigs, and hanging decorations in the shape of animals and fir cones. Key color schemes... Read more
Let it GROW! The Grim Reaper of Fall is heading our way!
When it comes to gardening, it seems that Spring gets all the positive PR and Fall is known as the “Grim Reaper” of the planting season-the time of year when the beauty of Spring and Summer begins to fade before the white blanket of snow arrives. Spring is known for “planting new life” while Fall is known as the “harvest” — bringing everything in. But nothing is further from the truth! Indeed, the beauty of the Fall harvest theme is an important one, but bushel-baskets... Read more
Jackie Lacey AIFD, CFD named president of American Institute of Floral Designers
Jackie Lacey AIFD, CFD of the Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, FL was installed as the president of the prestigious American Institute of Floral Designers during the organization’s acclaimed 2019 National Symposium held in Las Vegas, NV, July 6–11.  He succeeds Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD of Garden Gate in Aurora, Ohio as the volunteer leader of the floral industry’s leading organization in design education. Jackie Lacey AIFD,... Read more
David L. Pruitt named interim CEO,  Ambassador of the California  Cut Flower Commission
David L. Pruitt, a horticulture consultant and former flower farmer, has been named the interim CEO and ambassador of the California Cut Flower Commission by the organization’s board of commissioners. Pruitt, a past chair and one of the founders of CCFC, will take the helm on July 15.  Dave Pruitt is welcomed as the interim CEO and ambassador by June Van Wingerden, Chair of the CCFC Board.For the past five years, Pruitt has represented International... Read more
Your competition isn’t other retailers or suppliers...
What have you done lately to improve your supply chain? It’s easy to think that our competitors look like us and act like us. But today, nothing is further from the truth! As our eyes gaze down the block assessing the new florist or supermarket in the neighborhood, a new supply chain gorilla is creeping up behind us... a supply chain gorilla that’s also good at selling products! Yes... good at selling OUR products and every other product: the clothes you wear, the... Read more
Floral professionals plan for their futures
Here’s something to ask yourself: How ready are you to sell your business, pass it on to a successor or otherwise shift your role?    During SAF Amelia Island 2019, the Society of American Florists’ 135th annual convention, a number of floral professionals and financial experts will share examples of how businesses in the industry successfully transitioned from one owner to the next — and what the owners did to prep themselves, their companies... Read more
SAF’s new strategic plan emphasizes education, connections
The Society of American Florists will unveil its new strategic plan in September during SAF Amelia Island 2019, the association’s annual convention. The plan, the result of a year-long, comprehensive effort shaped by direct feedback from SAF members and non-members, volunteer leaders and staff, along with expert counsel from an outside third party, empowers the 135-year-old organization to more robustly engage with pressing challenges facing floral professionals... Read more
All industry segments prepare to Petal It Forward on Oct. 23
Think the Society of American Florists’ Petal It Forward is “only” about retailers? The big-hearted outreach also provides a chance for those floral professionals who are typically behind the scenes, including growers, suppliers and wholesalers, to experience what retail florists witness every day — the happiness that flowers bring to others.   “It’s a great opportunity to remind us why we all grow and or sell flowers,” said Tracy Easter of Resendiz Brothers... Read more
Help! I receive stacks and stacks of flowers, plants and hard goods...Do you have easy display tips that I can keep with me?
I sure do and I get asked this question a lot! Although the theme and contents of each display should be different, there are basic techniques of great displaymanship that are common to each display. These techniques will draw customers into the floral shoppe, and most importantly, keep them there long enough to buy!   These important display techniques are: • Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Form, Size, Space, Color, Value and Texture • Principles of Design:... Read more
SEPTEMBER Sept. 4-7 GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo Sheraton Salt Lake City  Salt Lake City, UT More Information: Sept. 10-12 FlorExpo Moscow IEC “Crocus Expo Moscow, Russia More Information: Sept. 16-18 HortiFlor Expo HICC Harare Zimbabwe More Information: Sept. 17-19 Costa Rica Buyer Trade Mission 2019  Costa Rica’s Convention Center More... Read more
While consumer confidence has been strong through the first half of 2019, escalating trade tensions have contributed to stock market volatility and concerns over a global economic slowdown. So, what does this mean for the floral industry? We all know flowers are discretionary goods, and the floral market is highly affected by the state of the economy. But the leaders in our industry have an opportunity to channel this tide. A wellness wave has been steadily taking... Read more
Back to basics!
I recently went to an event with a band that played classic rock and roll. Of course, I sang and danced my little heart out! I was captivated by one member of the band who was playing a string bass that was painted midnight blue with “Led Zeppelin ‘ish’ Dark Side of the Moon” rainbow and pyramid paintings for effect. I had always considered the string bass a symphonic instrument and here was a fellow challenging my thinking while he was playing endless Pink Floyd! This... Read more
The Best Flower Trade Show comes to its XV version
The best opportunity to do business face to face in the flower industry is coming soon. Since 1991, Proflora has established itself as the best Flower Trade Show. With perseverance and dedication, the success achieved in these 30 years has made Proflora the main instrument to promote Colombian flowers. This trade show takes place every two years. It will be held in Bogotá, Colombia from October 2-4, with more than 16 exhibiting countries who will also... Read more
The Inside Look (June 24)
Does it surprise anyone that July’s calendar events revolve around picnic foods? July is National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Picnic Month, and yes… even National Pickle Month! Our fave HR expert, Glenna Hecht, shares five great tips to “hack” your business processes when your feet are at home, but your head is “out to lunch” — dreaming of sand and surf! Another great way to utilize the slower-paced sales mode of... Read more
2019 Petal It Forward set for Wednesday, Oct. 23
Imagine the streets of your city filled with smiling people holding bouquets. Picture your social media feeds brimming with messages of thanks to your shop for making a person’s day brighter. Envision a local reporter asking you why floral gifts make such a positive difference in people’s lives. These scenarios and others like them have played out for hundreds of floral industry members who have participated in Petal It Forward. SAF’s 2019 Petal It Forward campaign... Read more
First-Timers: ‘Just book it and go’ to SAF Amelia Island 2019
Sharing ideas and learning ways to improve your business are the best reasons to attend SAF Amelia Island 2019, the Society of American Florists 135th Annual Convention, according to last year’s first-time participants. Tanya Anderson, co-owner of Wascana Flower Shoppe in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, attended her first SAF convention last year with mom and co-owner, Petra Janssen. “You learn so much by listening to what works for others,” Anderson said. “The... Read more
Fundraising for the future of floriculture!
American Floral Endowment will hold a Fundraising and Recognition Dinner on Thursday, Sept. 19, during the Society of American Florist’s Annual Convention in Amelia Island, FL. During the event, attendees will celebrate the industry successes made possible through AFE-funded programs and pay tribute to the donors who supported these programs. “The Endowment continues to establish and administer great new initiatives to open new paths to support research,... Read more