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International Paper and West Pak Avocado Inc. team to create vertically integrated packaging solutions for both companies

MEMPHIS, TN -- International Paper and West Pak Avocado Inc. have teamed to produce an innovative box design that is a win-win for both companies. West Pak Avocado wanted to redesign its box and brand, and it looked to International Paper to help create a new box that would stand above the rest.

"Our goal was to provide our customer with a new box style that was stronger and more efficient than current packaging, while also meeting the needs of the marketplace in terms of visual appeal and handling," said Ed Arriaga, International Paper field sales manager.

After many versions, the final box design has increased board strength and added airflow, allowing for increased stability when shipping as well as strength to meet and exceed quality expectations during West Pak's JustRipe! process. In addition, the new avocado carton has a more-modern display element, transitioning from a 15-year-old branding design to an ultra-modern design.

"We tested the container's longevity in the cooler, long-distance shipping properties and its strength in the ripening process," said Trevor Newhouse, information technology and marketing director, West Pak Avocado. "Customers will find that their avocado shipments will be arriving even more efficiently than ever before."

This new design was made to be versatile across multiple markets, including California, Mexico, Chile and eventually Peru. With the ever-growing concern of traceability, West Pak has standardized its box, branding and produce-traceability initiatives to all major growing areas.

"In just one design, we have been able to help our customer vertically integrate their product," Mr. Arriaga said. "They will now be more competitive in the market and deliver the best results for their customers as well."