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New red potato acreage comes into production for Black Gold Farms

Black Gold Farms expanded its product volume in 2011 with the addition of red potatoes grown in the Red River Valley.

The company’s headquarters are located in Grand Forks, ND, approximately 30 miles south of Forest River, ND. Operations have expanded significantly outside the boundaries of North Dakota and today incorporate Texas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, Maryland, Indiana and Michigan.

The company began operations in 1928. In 1959, Black Gold began growing potatoes for chips, and it continues those operations today. The company markets dark red Norlands, red La Sodas and red Norlands throughout the year from various locations and growing regions, and it also grows and markets fingerlings and golds.

Glen Reynolds, national director of produce sales, said just shy of 200 acres of dark red Norlands were planted in the Red River Valley this season. “We had a nice crop this year and were generally pleased with the results from this year,” he told The Produce News Nov. 21. “We are planning on increasing that acreage for next year.”

Black Gold is currently marketing dark red Norlands. “We have a very nice and consistent size profile this year with very good color,” Mr. Reynolds added.

He added that Black Gold is building upon its expertise as a global industry leader to supply the domestic retail market with locally grown table-stock potatoes.

“Whatever the demand, we can supply it quickly and deliver it efficiently,” Mr. Reynolds said.