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Wahluke moving high-quality potatoes

Scott Nesbit, sales manager for Wahluke Produce Inc. in Mattawa, WA, said that this season’s potato crop is a winner. “Growing conditions were ideal for growing potatoes this year,” he told The Produce News Nov. 25.

“We did not get the real hot weather that we usually get each summer. Quality is excellent this year. The overall size profile is not real big, [but] just a nice middle size in the profile this season.”

According to Mr. Nesbit, spuds were moving well. “Demand has been real steady for Thanksgiving, and we hope it continues for Christmas,” he said.

Product is marketed under the “Tatoes,” “Priest Rapids,” “Spuds,” “Golden Pearls” and “Rainier Gold” labels. The company’s customer base is comprised of a full range of receivers. Domestic sales are strong in Washington and on the West Coast. According to Mr. Nesbit, the company also exports good volumes to western Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.