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Pleasant Valley brings old-fashioned values, quality potatoes to the table

Pleasant Valley Potato Inc., headquartered in Aberdeen, ID, has been in the potato business for 50 years. Chet Wahlen founded the company, and today the family-operated business continues to thrive. “We feel we’ve brought the old-fashioned virtues of farming to the new technology of packaging and shipping, joining the best work of man with the best work of Mother Nature,” the company’s web site states.

General Manager Ryan Wahlen said that the company takes a hands-on approach to business. “Everything we’re packing, we grow ourselves,” he told The Produce News Nov. 29. This strategy is important for three reasons. First, it facilitates assurances of product quality. Second, freshness is preserved and monitored in computerized, climate-controlled storage cellars. And third, customer volume is constant because Pleasant Valley Potato grows product on thousands of dedicated acres.

Mr. Wahlen said that the company is currently marketing Russet Norkotahs and Burbanks. “The overall size profile is larger than last year,” he said. “The quality this season has been excellent.”

The company has a broad customer base including retail, wholesale and foodservice clients. “We ship to 48 states, Canada and Central America,” Mr. Wahlen went on to say.

The state-of-the-art packing facility includes computerized grading and sizing equipment, allowing the company optimal flexibility when packing to customer specifications. A host of packaging options is available, including consumer mesh bags, poly bags and cartons. Specialty sizes and premium packs are also available, he said.

The company is third-party audited by the American Institute of Baking and maintains a “Superior” rating.

Potatoes are marketed under the “Pleasant Valley Potato Brand,” “The Finest Brand,” as well as the “Red Baron” and “Aberdeen” labels. Private labeling is also available by customer request.