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Sweet Clover Produce shipping long-day Red Wing red onions

Good volume and excellent quality are traditional hallmarks of the Red Wing single-center onion from Sweet Clover Produce in Walla Walla, WA, and Bill (Sweet Willie) Brownfield said that this year’s crop lives up to the reputation.

Long-day Red Wing onions, prized for their high percentage of single centers, now are being shipped in 25- and 40-pound cartons as well as Carry Fresh bags and 25-pound sacks by Sweet Clover Produce in Walla Walla, WA. (Photo courtesy of Sweet Clover Produce)

Shipments of the long-day Red Wings, grown by Grigg & Sons in Quincy, WA, started in late fall, and volume will be good going into 2012.

Mr. Brownfield said that the reds are available in a variety of pack options, including 25- and 40-pound cartons, Carry Fresh bags and 25-pound sacks.

Earlier this season, he noted that Sweet Clover’s direct-seeded onions started shipping in late July, with supplies expected to run through April 2012.

The crops came in somewhat later than normal after a cool spring and early summer, but mid- and late-summer temperatures in the mid-80s and low 90s made for a good growing season, and quality has stayed good throughout.

All Sweet Clover reds, whites, hybrid yellows, sweet yellows and organics are available in two-, three- and five-pound Carry Fresh bags this season, and Sweet Clover also offers a 25-pound specialty pack carton.

Each variety and all growers represented by Sweet Clover are third-party audited. Sheds are Good Agricultural Practices certified and are in compliance with state and federal food-safety protocol.

Sweet Clover’s labels are “Sweet Clover,” “Columbia Pride,” “White Tiger,” “Basin Best” and “Quincy Queen,” and the company is looking at other labels as it expands.