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SGS Southern Hemisphere programs ensure year-round supplies for customers

“Our customers wish for us to supply them with core products year round,” Dave Parker, director of marketing for Scattaglia Growers & Shippers LLC, headquartered in Traver, CA, told The Produce News. “This is why we do business in the Southern Hemisphere. Working with highly professional growers and exporters enables us to live up to our motto, ‘Good Taste Delivered Well.’”

The firm’s Chilean program includes stone fruits such as cherries and apples, as well as grapes and kiwifruit. Chilean cherries start shipping in late November and run through late January. The company offers top-quality stone fruit in the SGS_logowinter season, with air-shipped cherries leading the way in November. A full lineup of stone fruits begins in December, with a comprehensive air program in place from the beginning to the end of the deal. “This ensures that consumers get juicy, tasty fruit,” said Mr. Parker. “Chilean grapes run from January through April. We offer year-round supplies of kiwifruit from the U.S., Italy, New Zealand and Chile. The Chilean program runs from May through August.”

The company also has a California grape program that continues into early January, and its strategy is to dove-tail smoothly for its customers in order to prevent any breaks in the colors that it offers.

The Chilean apple program at SGS includes all the leading varieties. “Louis Scattaglia is our managing partner,” said Mr. Parker. “Our import division is managed by father and son team Andres and Camilo Orsini, two Southern Hemisphere import veterans. Combined, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in importing fresh fruit to our company, and they are well versed in not only receiving and distributing, but also in cold-chain technology. They both work out of our SGS import office in Los Angeles.”

Andres Orsini is the director of imports for SGS, and Camilo Orsini holds the titles of import manager and logistics. Andres has worked for some of Chile’s larger fruit exporters. He has managed major import programs for U.S. companies and has operated his own company. He has long-standing relationships in Chile and other South American countries for direct sourcing.

The company opened its Los Angeles office in 2010 just as the import season got underway. It was developed solely for the handling of imported products in response to its domestic customers wanting year-round supplies from the company.

Mr. Parker added that the company chose the best cold storages in Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia to receive product into the United States. The firm’s primary customers are major chainstore and independent retailers across the United States. The company also ships into Canada.

“SGS has also expanded its Traver facility,” said Mr. Parker. “We added a new large room in June to handle domestic product. We have also increased our grape and stone fruit acreage in California in response to projected demand in the future.”