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Bonipak leverages PMA’s Fresh Summit by providing lettuce to big-name restaurants

Bonipak, a leading produce grower based in Santa Maria, CA, provided lettuce to several high-profile restaurants in Atlanta during the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit convention. The promotion included table tents and buttons for the “Bonipak Wedge” salad.

“We are always looking for ways to optimize our marketing efforts,” Mitch Ardantz, managing partner of Bonipak, said in a press release. “Trade shows are a cornerstone of Bonipak’s marketing, and it’s important to figure out what we can do to leverage our attendance.”

In addition to general advertising for its booth and restaurant placement of its product, the Bonipak sales team took clients to participating restaurants to showcase the company’s product in use. Participating restaurants were Ruth’s Chris, Pitty Pat’s Porch, Pacific Rim and Azio. The restaurants featured the “Bonipak Wedge” throughout the weekend, and used Bonipak Iceberg and Romaine lettuce in various other dishes.

“This was one of the first promotions we have done of this type, and it was great to partner with Bonipak,” Stephanie Tobben, spokesperson for Ruth’s Chris, added in the press release. “The wedge salad is one of our signature dishes, so it was important to maintain the ‘Ruth’s Chris’ brand standards. [Bonipak] provided a superior product that was a perfect fit for our menu, making the wedge promotion a great success.”

“We like to promote produce companies and give back to them as much as they give to us,” Alika Rose, public relations and marketing manager at Pitty Pat’s Porch, added in the press release.