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Category niches work perfectly for Grant Stanton Produce Co.

Grant Stanton Produce Co. Inc., located on the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, MA, was founded in 1996 by Dennis Stanton, John Grant and his son, Shawn. John Grant now is retired, and Mr. Stanton has passed away; today, the company is owned and operated by Shawn Grant. He told The Produce News that the company handles a full line of mushrooms, all of which are sourced from Pennsylvania producers.

“We also handle greenhouse-grown English cucumbers and peppers,” said Mr. Grant. “The majority of our greenhouse produce is from Ontario and Mexico, depending on the season. We do handle some 15-pound flats of greenhouse tomatoes in the winter, but there are so many other companies on the market that handle tomatoes that we don’t make the item a major part of our business.”

Grant Stanton also handles a full line of apple varieties, most of which are grown in New York and New England, and it does a major berry business, handling all categories.

“Our berries come from California, and we also follow production up and down the East Coast as well as from offshore companies,” said Mr. Grant. “We are strong in southern peaches from South Carolina and New Jersey, and in limes from Mexico.”

The company also handles a lot of local produce when it is available. “Handling local produce is something that we’ve always done,” he said. “New England farmers bring their products to us. Their deliveries are always changing depending on what they’re harvesting at any given time. We increase the amount of locally grown produce we handle every year.”

Grant Stanton’s customer base includes major chains, small retailers and foodservice operators. Mr. Grant said that the company strives to have product that fits everyone at all times.

“Today, we’re in the eastern apple movement,” he said. “Mushrooms are strong, and we’ve had a successful pumpkin season even though shortages were reported across the country. We sold a few, and we’re happy about that.”

Because it is not a full-line vegetable house, the company doesn’t source much product from the East Coast seasonal movement, but instead focuses on greenhouse produce, mushrooms, apples and its other products.

“We’re pretty steady currently,” he said. “And we’re doing well. It’s been a good year and a very successful summer. We’re happy and grateful with how business is doing, and we look forward to fall and beyond.”