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Demand for Fresherized Foods’ products grows in concert with avocado demand

Cindy Wong

As the demand for avocados in the United States continues to grow, so does demand for the avocado products from Fresherized Foods, ranging from “Wholly Guacamole” for retail to chunky avocados and avocado halves for foodservice, according to Cindy Wong, vice president of foodservice for the company.

Fresherized uses ultra-high-pressure technology, which enables Wholly Guacamole to retain the nutritional and health benefits of fresh avocados.

“We want to be the hero of the American diet,” Tracey Altman, vice president of marketing at Fresherized Foods, which has manufacturing plants in Mexico and Peru, told The Produce News. “We want to help people with that healthier choice so we love being part of the produce family, and we love that we are all natural, with no additives or preservatives.”

Both retail and foodservice categories are growing for Fresherized products, Ms. Wong said. “As a company, we continue to do very well. In both divisions, our sales have increased definitely compared to last year.”

On the retail side, product sales are somewhat seasonal just as they are for fresh avocados, she said. While the products are purchased and consumed year-round, “you definitely see spikes during Super Bowl” and at certain other times of the year, she said. But there is not as much seasonality in foodservice

In both categories, “our business stays strong and continues to grow because of the increase in avocado consumption in the marketplace,” Ms. Wong said. “We are very excited to continue to see [foodservice] operators adding avocados to the menu” using all of the company’s products. More and more operators who have not been using avocados in the past are “now considering” doing so,” she said. “We have been working very closely” with the research and development teams in foodservice operations to encourage the incorporation of avocados in the menu.

“A lot of the different foodservice concepts are now adding avocados to the menu primarily because of the health benefits that avocados offer” in addition to their flavor and texture, Ms. Wong said.