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Christopher Ranch will focus on ‘Monviso’ heirloom garlic at N.Y. show

Christopher Ranch found great value in attending the first New York Produce Show & Conference last year, where the company was able to meet with some of the individuals in the Northeast with whom it most wanted to spend one-on-one time.

“We found the inaugural show last year to be very targeted in reaching key customers in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” said Anthony M. DeAngelis, director of the Northeast division for Christopher Ranch, headquartered in Gilroy, CA. “The event provided us with the ability to see the decision makers for key retail and wholesale accounts and more of their retail-support people who influence the merchandising of our Christopher Ranch products. This was especially rewarding.”

Anthony DeAngelis

Christopher Ranch will be exhibiting at this year’s show at Booth 2107.

Mr. DeAngelis said that there is a little concern that the show this year was scheduled a bit close to the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, but he added, “We still find exceptional value in having a show that caters more specifically to businesses in our local geographic area.”

At the show this year, Christopher Ranch will focus on the recent introduction of its product branding of “Monviso” California heirloom garlic. “’Monviso’ was inspired by the Piedmont region of Italy, where the particular seed originated,” said Mr. DeAngelis. “When Don Christopher was selecting seed for commercial development early in our company’s history, he found that the product from Italy produced a superior flavor profile. He decided to invest in this flavorful product as the core of our seedstock.”

Mr. DeAngelis added that the seed was cultivated for the more than 50 years that Christopher Ranch has been in business, and the proprietary development led to the distinct and superior flavor.

“These differences, which we have quantified against product from other garlic origins, have led us to the distinction that all garlic is not created equal,” said Mr. DeAngelis. “We now are able to tell our story of ‘Monviso’ and to provide an opportunity for our customers to ask for this garlic by name. We are also supporting this product launch with extensive point-of-purchase and merchandising information for our retail partners.”

The materials, he added, educate consumers about “Monviso,” and the company is also providing additional training to personnel in stores.

Christopher Ranch has invested extensively in its food-safety program, which includes both internal and industry-standard third-party audits in which it continues to earn the highest recognition. It ensures its customers the ability to trace its “Monviso” garlic to the field of origin.

“We’re very proud to respond to our customers’ needs in providing a wholesome and safe product, especially in light of so many cheaper imports that cannot duplicate the agricultural and food-safety standards we have established for our domestic products,” said Mr. DeAngelis.

Christopher Ranch has invested in additional state-of-the-art controlled-atmosphere storage at its Gilroy facility, which increases its post-harvest storage capacity. It also enables the company to provide enhanced year-round availability of “Monviso” garlic to its customers.

Christopher Ranch is a third-generation business that has been in operation since 1956. Over the years, it has expanded its regional service facilities across the United States with the goal of servicing its customers directly.

“Our location in New Jersey has been in operation since 1982, and it enables Christopher Ranch to provide responsive service to our key customers from New England, west to eastern Ohio and as far south as the Carolinas,” said Mr. DeAngelis. “From this location, we service the Hunt’s Point and Philadelphia terminal markets several times each week, and we provide direct local delivery services in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. We provide free on-board backhaul options, as well as less-than-truckload delivery to all of our retail, foodservice and industrial customers with very quick turnaround time.”