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Chestnut season sees great start at A.J. Trucco

Salvatore Vacca, president, and Nick Pacia, vice president, of A.J. Trucco at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY. (Photo by Daniel Jalil)

“Chestnuts from Avellino, Italy, are arriving now,” Sal Vacca, president of A.J Trucco in the Bronx, NY, told The Produce News. “Italian chestnuts are a major item for us. It’s where the term ‘We know our nuts’ originated.”

Mr. Vacca said that the company’s fresh chestnuts from Avellino are much tastier than other chestnuts. They have higher sugar, better flavor and are easy to peel after cooking. A.J. Trucco is among the larger importers of chestnuts in the United States.

The company is exhibiting at the Nov. 7-9 New York Produce Show & Conference. Mr. Vacca said that the company exhibited last year and felt the show was a great success.

“We try to do all of the regional shows where our customers are located,” he said. “But we felt that the New York show suited us particularly well because we have such a large customer bank throughout the Northeast. We think this year’s show will be even better. Word spread quickly after last year’s show, and that will likely result in a greater number of people showing up.”

Besides chestnuts, A.J. Trucco will be featuring its dried fruits and nuts at the show, which are also very important items for the major holidays. It handles a full line of nut varieties, including Filberts, Pecans, Brazil and Walnuts.

Dried figs, another major item for the company, are also available year round. The company imports figs from Greece, Turkey and Italy, and also handles California figs. Apricots come from Turkey, and its mixed fruit and Jewel dates are from California.

Mr. Vacca said that the company roasted chestnuts for visitors to sample at last year’s show, and he anticipates that it will do so again at this year’s event.

“We also hope to introduce our new net bag of chestnuts at the show,” he said. “Chestnuts will stay strong throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas.”