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The Garlic Co. continues promotion of vacuum-packed garlic

Joe Lane, a partner-owner at The Garlic Co., told The Produce News that the company continues to promote its serving-size vacuum packs of peeled garlic. The individual pouches combine convenience with flavor.

The Garlic Co.’s recipe-ready vacuum-packed diced garlic.

“We use an exclusive, proprietary process to pack our new recipe-ready peeled garlic,” said Mr. Lane. “It preserves fresh garlic flavor in individual, recipe-sized pouches. Recipe-ready garlic is available in convenient three-ounce recyclable packages, each containing six individual garlic pouches. The produce is also available in U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified organic.”

The Garlic Co.’s exclusive “Garlic Bits” are made with all-natural garlic that is roasted to perfection through a unique process. The item comes in convenient, shaker-top packaging, and it is a quick, easy way to add roasted garlic flavor to pasta, pizza, vegetables, salads, soups and more. “Garlic Bits” are available in 2.25-ounce, four-ounce and 12-ounce packages.

The company’s whole-bulb garlic is produced exclusively in California. “Our whole-bulb garlic is available in a variety of bag sizes to please even the most garlic-loving families, including one-half-pound, one-pound, two-pound and three-pound bags,” said Mr. Lane. “Whole-bulb garlic is also available in organic.”

The company also produces a wide line of jarred garlic including chopped, minced, crushed and roasted.

In what it calls its “beyond garlic” line of products, The Garlic Co. offers elephant garlic, whole shallots, peeled shallots, whole cipolline gourmet onions, pearl onions and chopped ginger.

The company takes its food-safety initiatives seriously. “We have an outstanding food-safety department,” said Mr. Lane. “Audits are conducted continually, and we perform extremely well on them. This is one of the more important aspects of our company, despite it being a major expense. You just don’t take anything for granted when it comes to food safety today.”

The Garlic Co. added to its cold storage facility about a month ago. Mr. Lane said an element of the renovation was to enclose the facility’s docks and refrigerate them. “These changes are just a part of our path to not breaking the cold chain on peeled garlic,” he said. “Next year, we will make further additions to connect our dock to our sizing and packaginglines, which will give us a totally unbroken cold chain.”

In 1980, Mr. Lane and his partner, John Layous, joined forces to establish The Garlic Co. Their vision was to build a garlic business based on superior product quality, customer service and integrity. In order to ensure complete control of product quality and supply, The Garlic Co. was established as a vertically integrated company — including garlic seed development, garlic field production, harvesting, packing, processing and sales.

Mr. Lane added that the company is very proud of its customer service record. “We built our reputation on servicing our customers,” he said. “And that will be our primary goal in the future.”

The Garlic Co. is a leading garlic manufacturer headquartered in Bakersfield, CA. It sells more than 25 million pounds of garlic every year to retail, foodservice and industrial clients throughout the United States.