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Maurice A. Auerbach’s new facility to be visited by New York Produce Show & Conference tour group

Maurice A. Auerbach in South Hackensack, NJ, is in the final stages of relocation preparations before it moves into its new high-tech facility in Secaucus, NJ. Bruce Klein, director of marketing for the company, said that the new facility is scheduled to be a stop for one of the Wed., Nov. 9, tours that are part of the New York Produce Show & Conference’s events schedule.

“We’re very close to having the facility completed,” said Mr. Klein. “Tour participants will see most of the machinery in place and produce in coolers, although it will not be in full operation yet.”

Mr. Klein stressed that the company’s goal is to “not miss a beat” in the process of the move. “Our customers should feel confident that they will be serviced with the same level of excellence that we are known for,” said Mr. Klein. “We are highly organized, and we expect our move, sometime in November, to go smoothly and flawlessly.”

The new facility is 60,000 square feet in size, with 45,000 of that comprised of refrigeration space. The Secaucus location is approximately 10 miles from the company’s current location.

“The new facility will improve our efficiencies,” said Mr. Klein. “We have focused strongly on making it a very clean and safe facility. Everything in it is new and state of the art — from the refrigeration to the loading docks. It is double the space we have in South Hackensack.”

Maurice A. Auerbach is exhibiting at the New York Produce Show & Conference in New York City. Mr. Klein said that there were more attendees at last year’s inaugural show than many expected. “We are expecting the same sort of turnout this year,” he said. “We will be focusing on our baby potatoes, peeled garlic and other garlic products at the show.”

The company is among the larger distributors of garlic and specialty produce in the Northeast. Besides garlic, it also offers shallots, ginger, specialty vegetables and “Mori Nu” tofu.

“Auerpak” brand vacuum-packed garlic, which will be featured at the New York Produce Show, is drawing good responses from retailers. “The six individual sections are individually vacuum packed,” said Mr. Klein. “The item provides convenience to consumers by having just the right amount of garlic for recipes in a ready-to-use format. And it has a longer shelf life under proper refrigeration.”

The vacuum-packed garlic item was originally introduced at the New York Produce Show in November 2010, and the company began shipping it in February. It also offers the pack in an organic option.

“Garlic is nearly as staple an item in people’s pantries today as is salt,” said Mr. Klein. “Even in the summer months when people use their stoves and ovens less and their barbecue grills more, garlic is there spicing up marinades, rubs and side dishes. People tend to use more garlic in the fall and winter as they switch back to heartier meals, but it’s pretty much a solid, year-round item. We also have a large foodservice clientele, so the demand for our garlic is always strong.”

The company also handles baby bok choy, an up and coming item with mainstream consumers as well as with ethnic groups.

Because Maurice A. Auerbach handpicks and hand-packs its products, they are known for attractive presentations on grocers’ shelves. Mr. Klein said that consumers like pretty produce, and the company’s items provide an outstanding appearance.

“A lot of our chain customers are looking for convenience items today,” he added. “Packaged items are simply more widely demanded. We listen to our customers, and if they want something packaged, we do it for them.”