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D’Arrigo: N.Y. Produce Show a good event for work and to enjoy the city

Matthew D’Arrigo, vice president of D’Arrigo Bros. Co., located on the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, told The Produce News that he feels November is a good time of the year for the New York Produce Show & Conference to be held.

Matthew DArrigo

“As far as business is concerned, it’s not the busiest time of year for wholesalers like us,” he said. “It’s a bigger issue for shippers because they work several weeks in advance.”

Mr. D’Arrigo will spend some time during the Nov. 7 show, being held at the Hilton New York hotel on Avenue of the Americas, at the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative Market booth. He will spend the rest of the time walking the floor of the show and visiting booths.

In response to current activity related to the renovation or relocation of the Hunts Point Terminal Market, Mr. D’Arrigo said that a group representing market occupants is currently in negotiations and planning details with New York City on the market’s redesign and is trying to come to an agreement on the financial package to determine how the renovation is going to be financed. “We’re currently in steady and productive plans with the city,” he said.

D’Arrigo Bros. attended last year’s New York Produce Show & Conference, and Mr. D’Arrigo said that he noted genuine surprise among many people that so many industry members attended the event. “People really enjoyed the show,” he said. “It’s right in the heart of the city, where everyone wants to visit. It’s an opportune time to get some serious work done and get a little play in at the same time. The show has expanded this year, which I don’t find surprising considering the great attendance and responses that resulted from it last year.”

The Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative Market booth at the show will not be separated into individual sections like a pavilion. Instead, market employees and occupants will represent it. Mr. D’Arrigo said that there will be a shelving area with information about the market and its companies.

“We will be promoting Hunts Point,” he said. “There is a distinct possibility that the terminal market will be expanded in the renovation process, and space may be available for additional companies that would complement, rather than compete, with the existing mix of companies to take occupancy.”

D’Arrigo Bros. is a full-line wholesale produce distributor, selling everything there is to find in fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world. Over 300 customers work with the company, some of which have turned to the firm for product for decades and generations. Its customer base consists of independent wholesale, purveyor, restaurant and major and independent retailers, though its primary customers are independent retailers, often referred to as green grocers.

The company covers the tri-state New York area, stretching in a 120-mile radius from the Bronx, NY, to Montauk, NY, at the end of Long Island to Albany, NY, most of Connecticut, and to the tip of New Jersey. D’Arrigo Bros. will also ship mixed loads of produce to customers as far away as Florida, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal.

Mr. D’Arrigo announced that the company recently hired a new employee. “Ben Shkolmik joined us on October 17,” he said. “Ben was the mushroom specialist and buyer at Krisp-Pak Sales, which closed its doors on October 14. Besides helping us to bring mushrooms into our line of produce, he will be a sales representative and will ultimately branch out into selling other products. He’s a good fit for our company.”