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JMB grows to offer fresh produce to fresh markets

With a rich heritage of offering a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables for over 120 years, San Francisco-based Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt has expanded its international commodity supply, offering increased availability and helping to serve an expanded market.

Known for its specialty asparagus, JMB has grown to include other popular commodities. In 2008, the company met with an incredible response to its introduction of Ruby Fresh pomegranate arils and followed up with Ruby Fresh whole pomegranates a year later.

The success of JMB is attributed to the company’s 120-year history of delivering fresh produce and its attention to service. “Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt has been providing the highest-quality produce for a very long time — since 1888,” President Leo Rolandelli said in a press release. “It’s not many companies that can say that, and we’re very proud of our long history. With every sale, we try to honor that history by offering the best in produce and customer service. From our specialty asparagus to our variety of other commodities, Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt consistently delivers the quality and service that have kept us in business for over 120 years.”

JMB will be featuring its popular line of Ruby Fresh pomegranates and arils at the Produce Marketing Association’s Oct. 15-17 Fresh Summit convention in Atlanta.

Known to be rich in antioxidants, high in fiber and high in potassium, pomegranates are a traditionally strong holiday seller that can help boost holiday profits. Ruby Fresh pomegranates can be cross-merchandised with salads, beverages and holiday items.

Pomegranate arils are juicy treats full of flavor and nutrition. With no rind to remove and conveniently packed in plastic punnets, the item is perfect for holiday dishes and party drinks. JMB also will be serving samples of its well-known asparagus at Booth 2726 along with information about its latest offering and commodities at the Fresh Summit event.

Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt markets a full line of fruits and vegetables, including specialty items such as asparagus, pomegranates and melons. From its location in the San Francisco Wholesale Produce market, it offers some of the highest-quality produce available worldwide.