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Fresh Summit exceptional venue for Curry & Co.

The Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit convention will give Curry & Co., headquartered in Brooks, OR, the opportunity to build upon the success of last year’s event.

“We use PMA as a strategic part of our overall marketing plan,” President Matt Curry told The Produce News. “The value comes in setting up effective meetings with our existing accounts and prospects, and taking advantage of so many of our customers being in one place at the same time. Great value is also found in meeting with our other partners to discuss potential advances in packaging, equipment and more.”

Mr. Curry said that the educational workshops about current industry trends are always timely. “It is also valuable to meet with peers to discuss the state of the various products we market to our customers, everything from crop timing to quality,” he noted.

Curry & Co. will exhibit at Booth 4867, and Mr. Curry and Dave Hicks, chief operating officer and general manager will be available, along with Mike Klackle, Will Ratto, Trish Lovell, Cindy Elrod, Cameron Low, Mike Harmon and Tony Harmon from the sales team.

“We will be discussing our import blueberry program for the winter months; sweet onions from Hermiston, Oregon, Chile and Peru; and the importance of having a Certified Sweet onion program,” Mr. Curry said. “We will talk about our Vidalia sweet carrot program, year-round storage onions and Northwest russet potatoes. Todd Mauritz, our South American representative who splits his time between the U.S. and Chile, will be available throughout the show to talk about our import blueberry and sweet onion programs.”

This is the second year for the company’s Vidalia sweet carrot program. “Mother Nature permitting, we should have increased tonnage, allowing us to reach a larger customer base in 2012,” Mr. Curry said. “Our Vidalia sweet carrot program can be seen in the New Product Showcase. In addition, we will have more information on our growing blackberry program from California and the Pacific Northwest.”

A variety of information, including the company’s annual PMA update and a four-page newsletter capturing highlights of the most current products available at Curry & Co., will be available. “This includes crop updates, personnel changes, new equipment and so on,” Mr. Curry said.

On a personal level, Mr. Curry said that he is looking forward to the PMA Fit Run.

“What a great sense of community, and I think it helps us push the health message to the industry that we all talk about with our customers each day,” he said. “It makes us feel like we not only talk the talk but walk the walk when we do an event like that with industry peers.”