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Dulcich to launch Christmas-themed grape promotion with special stand-up bags and point-of-sale materials

Sunlight International Sales Inc. will test market a freestanding display bin with a Christmas theme this year. It is designed to accommodate Jacov P. Dulcich & Sons’ new Christmas-themed stand-up grape bags.

On the heels of a successful Halloween-themed promotion called "Harvest Hobgoblin,” now in its second year, Sunlight International Sales Inc. in Delano, CA, exclusive sales agent for Jacov P. Dulcich & Sons, will be launching a new holiday-themed grape promotion, this one with a Christmas theme, shortly after Halloween, according to Nick Dulcich, president of Sunlight and a partner in Dulcich.

Colorful special bags have been designed for the Christmas promotion. The artwork for the bags features Santa Clause and his reindeer in a night-time sky over a pastoral village, a Christmas tree, a special iteration of the logo for the company's "Pretty Lady" brand with the pretty lady wearing a red Santa hat, and the words "Healthy Holiday Treat." The bags are available in a flat-bottomed "grab-and-go" stand-up style with a handle or in the regular V-bag style. The flat-bottom bags stand upright on the display and in the refrigerator at home, and they are made of a high-clarity material that shows the product well, according to Mr. Dulcich.

"We will have [seedless] red, green and black grapes" available in the Christmas-themed bag, and Red Globe grapes as well, he said.

A point-of-sale display dangler, also with the Christmas theme, will be available for retailers as well.

A third element in the special promotion, a freestanding holiday bin, will be test marketed this season, Mr. Dulcich said.

Some of the artwork for Sunlight International Sales Inc.’s new Christmas-themed grape bags for Jacov P. Dulcich & Sons product. Point-of-sale danglers with a similar design are also available.

"Grapes, for the most part, are an impulse buy," he said. "So I think if you dress up the packaging a little bit, make it themed around the holidays and give the retailers something to promote … sales should be brisker. But we also pack really exceptional fruit in these standup bags … and that helps market it, because people are buying the grapes, not the bag. We are able to put the right kind of fruit in the bag consistently, day in and day out."

Because of that, "we are having success with this program," he continued. "Our Halloween program is going really well … so we are hoping the Christmas theme catches on as well." This will be the first year the company has done a Christmas-themed promotion, and "we have high expectations," he said.

The bins, bags and danglers will be on display at the company's booth at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit convention in Atlanta in October.