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Fresh Express introduces new organic salad mixes

Fresh Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chiquita Brands, announced Sept. 19 the introduction of two new consumer-preferred organic salad mixes and the launch of an awareness campaign that highlights the added benefits of purchasing Fresh Express USDA certified organic salads.

Fresh Express Organic Baby Lettuce

The new product offerings -- Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce and Organic 50/50 Mix -- are being introduced with an awareness campaign that Fresh Express organic salads are "Organic But More."

"We are excited to introduce two new organic salads mixes, which are a perfect match for what consumers seek," Bob Stallman, general manager for salads and ingredients, said in a press release. "To highlight our full array of organic salads and what makes them so different, we are also launching a campaign that features the many benefits retailers gain from a partnership with Fresh Express."

Fresh Express organic salads are not only grown in strict accordance with USDA requirements for organic produce, but Fresh Express works to provide even more of the added benefits consumers and retailers seek from a salad company. Each organic salad is processed with rigorous adherence to the far-reaching Fresh Express "7 Steps of Prevention Food Safety Program," a multi-step total supply chain approach to food protection.

All Fresh Express organic salads are also manufactured in organic-certified Fresh Express facilities and only approved farmers who meet USDA's organic requirements and Fresh Express's proprietary requirements for planting, growing and harvesting lettuce and leafy greens are allowed to supply ingredients for the brand's ready-to-eat organic salads.

Furthermore, all Fresh Express organic salads are washed using Fresh Rinse, the new eco-friendly fresh produce wash invented by Fresh Express that has been proven to dramatically reduce the potential for certain pathogens compared to traditional chlorine produce washes.

The Fresh Express organic salad clamshell line includes a robust array of eight organic salad varieties. These full-flavor profiles enable retailers to offer their organic consumers more of the salads they love with more of the benefits they seek to increase sales. The two new mixes are:

Fresh Express Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce salad mix is a specially selected blend of the sweetest tender leaf lettuce varieties available. Its taste profile is balanced with the flavors of a wide range of tender baby lettuces. Ingredients include Baby Red and Baby Green Romaine, Baby Red and Baby Green Leaf, Baby Red and Baby Green Oak, Baby Lollo Rossa and Baby Tango as well as Baby Spinach.

Fresh Express Organic "50/50 Mix" salad mix is a blend of tender leaf lettuces combined with crunchy, nutrient-packed baby spinach. Consumers love this nutritious salad mix as much for its flavors as its good health and nutritional benefits. Organically grown and harvested baby spinach is artfully blended with lettuces and leafy greens including Romaine, Green Leaf, Green Oak, Tango, Lollo Rossa, Red Leaf, Red Oak, Red Romaine and Red Butter Lettuces as well as Arugula, Radicchio.

Retailers also benefit from the convenience of having one source for both their organic and their conventional salad program needs. Single source purchasing from Fresh Express results in one-stop ordering ease as well as single truck delivery convenience.

Also, retailers benefit from the technical, quality and food-safety advancements developed specifically by Fresh Express and integrated exclusively in the Fresh Express product line.

Moreover, retailers are supported by the Fresh Express category management team dedicated to helping them build their organic salad sales success as well as their overall value-added salad sales and profits. These important retailer benefits make the Fresh Express salads "Organic But More."