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Paramount introduces roasted pistachio product in India

Paramount Farms Inc., which is headquartered in Los Angeles with farming operations and processing facilities centered in Lost Hills, CA, is one of the the larger growers and processors of California almonds and pistachios. The company markets California pistachios worldwide under the “Wonderful Pistachios” brand, offering a “wide range of packaged and in-shell varieties,” according to a company press release dated Sept. 1.

India is a “key” market for the products, and “for Indian consumers, Wonderful Pistachios are offered in three varieties: Roasted Salted, Roasted No Salt and Salt & Pepper, specifically wrought for the Indian taste,” the release stated.

The Roasted No Salt version has just been launched, bringing “another totally natural and healthy snacking option from [Wonderful Pistachios] for the Indian consumers,” according to the release.

The release quoted Milin Chatterjee, marketing manager for Paramount Farms, as saying, “Our new Roasted No Salt variety offers salt-conscious snackers a delicious new way to enjoy the all-natural taste of California pistachios.”

Paramount Farms has established a pistachio roasting facility in Vadadora in the Indian state of Gujarat about 200 miles north of Mumbai, “together with a local dedicated sales, marketing and operations team,” the press release stated.