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Setton Farms introduces new consumer pistachio products

Setton International Foods, Inc., headquartered in Commack, NY, is a full-service provider of nuts, dried fruit, edible seeds, chocolate and yogurt panned items and candies to the snack industry. The company web site boasts over 1,000 products, some of which are imported from over 20 countries. Setton offers a variety of consumer and bulk packaging for its customers as well as custom packaging options.

Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, which is based in California, is one of the larger pistachio processors in the United States.

“This year Setton launched a new eight-ounce pistachio bag to meet the consumer’s need for convenient on-the-go healthy snacks,” and it has been “an overwhelming success. The eight-ounce [bag] can be promoted at $2.99, which is a great price point that has expanded pistachio sales,” said Joseph Setton, a principal in the family company, in a written statement to The Produce News dated Sept. 1.

“Setton Farms’ branded pistachios contain 100 percent naturally opened pistachios dry-roasted with sea salt and are ‘America’s Best Tasting Pistachios,’ “ he said in the statement.

A new item just introduced is called “Pistachio Chewy Bites.”

“We know that consumers are looking for wholesome and convenient snacks that taste great, but without all the salt,” Mr. Setton said in the statement. “We created the ‘Pistachio Chewy Bites’ with agave nectar and just a touch of sea salt to bring consumers all the nutritional benefits that pistachios provide, with the added benefit of moist antioxidant cranberries. Each chewy bite is individually wrapped, keeping them fresh and making them a great take-along snack. The ‘Pistachio Chewy Bites’ are available in a six-pack stand-up zip-lock bag and in produce table display-ready cases.”

Another new product is a 21-ounce burlap bag of pistachios.

“Pistachios have always been a favorite at parties and get-togethers and [are] many times brought as gifts to these occasions. High-end nut gift items are generally produced by second to third-hand repackers, which creates a large additional cost. We developed the 21-ounce ‘Pistachio Burlap Bag with Extra Large Pistachios’ to meet this need, and as growers and processors we have passed the savings to the end consumer,” Mr. Setton said in the statement.

“Setton has created a new floor display shipper for the 21-ounce burlap bag that is friendly to the retailer and the environment,” he continued. “It is a self-contained floor display that requires no assembly at retail. Setton’s innovative floor display uses the actual exterior shipping case as the base of the shipper, creating no excess cardboard. This minimizes assembly time, waste and cost.”

Nuts “have been our family business for over 40 years,” Mr. Setton said in the statement. “As pistachio growers and processors located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, we are passionate about producing great-tasting nutrient-dense pistachio products. Setton has a facility on the East Coast that roasts and packages a full line of premium tree nuts, dried fruit and healthy snacks and trail mixes. Our New York facility also acts as an East Coast distribution center for our pistachios, providing our local customers with shortened delivery times and freight savings.”

“Setton maintains one of the most sophisticated food-safety programs in the entire nut industry with self-imposed quality and technical standards which exceed government and industry guidelines,” Mr. Setton said in the statement. “Setton’s food-safety program starts in our pistachio orchards and continues the entire way through the supply chain.”

As a vertically integrated company, “Setton is able to focus on its tradition of excellence and integrity and pays attention to every step of the process, ensuring the top quality and value of the family’s passion — pistachios.”