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M&M Marketing now offering ‘Global Fresh’ brand potatoes

M&M Marketing in St. Louis, a division of Tom Lange Co. which is headquartered in Springfield, IL and has some two dozen branch and division locations throughout North America, “has been specializing in the distribution of potatoes and onion since 1973,” according to the Tom Lange Co. web site.

M&M provides “the finest quality and variety from all growing regions in the United States,” the web site states.

Although the company sources potatoes from various growing areas around the country, it has a strong focus on Idaho potatoes and has since its inception, according to Dan Morrison, M&M’s vice president of sales. “Idaho probably make up over 60 percent of our business,” he said. “Many of our customers prefer Idaho potatoes over potatoes from other sources.”

“Recently M&M added a private label, ‘Global Fresh’ brand potatoes,” to its program, “leveraging a network of some of the finest growers and shippers Idaho has to offer,” Mr. Morrison said.

The “Global Fresh” name derives from Global Fresh Import & Export, a Tom Lange Co. subsidiary also headquartered in Springfield, of which M&M is a part.

M&M’s “Global Fresh” brand potatoes are custom packed by various shippers. “We don’t work [exclusively] with any one particular shipper,” Mr. Morrison continued.

In addition to the products packed in the “Global Fresh” brand, the company continues to handle various shippers’ labels, he said.

The official “Grown in Idaho” seal is displayed on the carton or bag for all “Global Fresh” potatoes grown in Idaho as well as for Idaho potatoes packed in shipper labels.

The preponderance of the potatoes M&M handles out of Idaho are Russet Norkotah and Russet Burbank varieties, Mr. Morrison said. However, “we do handle, in addition to that, when they are in season, reds and Yukons as well as fingerlings” from Idaho. ”Most of those we don’t put in a private label.” The specialty varieties are an expanding part of the company’s Idaho deal.

“Each year, we are adding more reds and Yukons and fingerlings to the Idaho program,” he said. “That is becoming more and more significant as the years go by.” While Idaho is most famous for its russets, Idaho growers have been diversifying in recent years and growing more of the specialty varieties. “It has become a well-rounded program.”

It is “logistically easy to pull reds and Yukons out of Idaho along with the russets,” Mr. Morrison said. And the quality of Idaho’s specialty varieties is comparable to the finest quality from other areas. There are “some very good Yukons and reds coming out of [Idaho.] They’re doing a good job,” he said.

M&M services retail, wholesale and foodservice customers “from coast to coast,” providing them with “a year-round supply” of Idaho russets and a seasonal supply of Idaho-grown specialty potatoes. Whether a customer needs multiple truckloads, railcar loads, or a partial truckload, “we can handle your needs,” Mr. Morrison said.

“Most of what we do is going to be on a delivered basis,” he said. In addition to offering “some of the best russets available, we also offer a full service transportation team” with Lange Logistics. “They will closely monitor your shipment around the clock, seven days a week. Our experience and dedication ensure your shipments are safe, cost-effective and on time.”