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Splendid points toward Ecuadorian deal

In early September, the staff at Burlingame, CA-based Splendid Products LLC brought in their last load of mangos from the Los Mochis area of Northern Mexico and began directing their attention to their next big mango program, which will come from Ecuador in mid-October.

The firm is one of the largest mango shippers in the late Mexico deal and consequently its supplies of Brazil mangos are relatively light. “We’ll fill in with some Brazil mangos over the next few weeks,” said Larry Nienkerk, who is the company’s managing partner, “but our next big deal comes from Ecuador.”

He predicted that the amount of mangos imported from Ecuador will be slightly less than a year ago due to normal crop fluctuation. “We’ll have Ecuador fruit until late January as it will overlap our Peru deal, which will start in December. In Peru, we should be up a little bit as we do try to expand every year. Our Mexican deal was also up a little bit.”

Mr. Nienkerk said that the mango story that deserves attention is the continued increase in mango volume imported into the United States from one year to the next. Though specific deals might show a decrease from one year to the next due to Mother Nature, the total amount of mangos imported into this country continues to rise. And at the same time, the f.o.b. price has remained at a good level throughout the year.

“Someone deserves credit, and I think it’s the [National] Mango Board,” he said. “Of course the growers deserve some credit for growing and shipping better-quality fruit, but I think the big credit goes to the board.”

Mr. Nienkerk said that volume has increased annually and the value of the crop also continues to rise. “It’s phenomenal.”