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Wholesum Harvest’s new recipe web site addition offers added value to organic followers

Wholesum Family Farms Inc. in Nogales, AZ, better known as Wholesum Harvest, is preparing to launch a new link to its web site geared specifically toward home cooks, chefs and others interested in cooking organically.

Anthony Totta is the director of business development for Wholesum Harvest and the chief executive officer and marketing consultant for Grow My Profits. He told The Produce News that Wholesum Harvest believes there is a big appetite for recipes, especially among consumers of organic produce.

“We will share the recipes via social media on Facebook in addition to offering them on the new web link,” said Mr. Totta. “The launch is scheduled for the middle of September.”

The company has been testing the reaction to the recipes on Facebook, releasing them a little at a time.

“Once we go live on the web site, people can tweet them and then link back to the entire bank of recipes,” said Mr. Totta. “We’ll be sharing not only our recipes, but also those that our viewers share with us. A recipe of the week will be offered, based on the product we’re promoting at the time. For example, we’ll have an eggplant recipe during the item’s promotional period or a tomato recipe while that product is being promoted.”

Wholesum Harvest has handled organic items since 1990. Its primary products are greenhouse-grown tomatoes, peppers and seedless cucumbers. It also grows organic hard and soft squashes, pole cucumbers, and eggplant. And it produces organic mangos.

“All of the recipes we post on the site are proprietary to Wholesum Harvest,” Mr. Totta added. “We wanted them to be simple and uncomplicated for consumers, and so we placed an emphasis on these factors.”

The company is a third-generation family farm that has produced fresh produce for 80 years.

The family pioneer, Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis, migrated from Greece to Mexico in the 1920s and began farming in Sinaloa in 1930. Don Miguel’s son, Theojary Crisantes, oversees the operation today, but he has passed the daily management of the company to his three sons: Theojary, Ricardo and Adrian. Theojary and Adrian are involved in the Mexican production operations and Ricardo oversees the sales operation in Nogales.