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Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo launches ‘Just Enough’ organic herb line

Marina Pace, marketing representative for Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo Inc., a Pescadero, CA-based organic grower and distributor, told The Produce News that an important development at the company is the construction of 20 additional acres of new shade houses at the company’s Baja California production areas.

“The additional acreage will help boost winter production of Del Cabo basil, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes,” said Ms. Pace. “We have also added a wash/dry line to our Los Angeles facility, specifically for our ‘Del Cabo’ brand retail packaged peas.”

In June 2010, Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo expanded its operations to include a new facility in Boston. The HAACP-approved packinghouse and warehouse was the company’s first move to the Eastern United States.

Ms. Pace said that the facility would allow for timely distribution of organic culinary herbs and edible flowers throughout the eastern region.

“The ‘Del Cabo’ brand of Sweet Petite pepper medley,” Ms. Pace said, “has really taken off this summer. We have steady supplies of this colorful retail pack of organic mini sweet peppers, and we expect to have steady supplies and promotional volumes available. We anticipate seeing a strong retail offering of this product over the next two months, and we’re currently planting more for the winter production cycle.”

“Del Cabo’s new ‘Padrón Peppers’ is an organic specialty pepper that is perfect for today’s home gourmet. It is available seasonally and packed for the retail trade.

“Until now, home cooks could only find this cherished variety at farmers markets,” said Ms. Pace.

The company is also excited about its new “Just Enough” line of smaller, one-quarter-ounce clamshells of fresh herbs.

“We launched this recent addition to Jacobs Farms’ line of organic culinary herbs for two reasons,” said Ms. Pace. “One is to respond to the consumer request for just enough herbs for a particular recipe. The other reason is to offer an easy option for consumers who wish to experiment with, and learn more about a particular fresh herb.”

Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo’s new California-grown vegetable program is an extension of its line that is produced by its cooperative farmers in Mexico.

“This will strengthen our supplies in response to the overall increased demand for quality organic vegetables,” Ms. Pace added. “It will meet the needs of customers looking for quality U.S.-grown organic vegetables, as well as those regional markets that are looking for farmed produce.”

Jacobs Farm was founded by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin in 1980. After encountering a community of struggling, subsistence-level farmers in Mexico, and confident in their vision for their next venture, the Del Cabo cooperative was conceived. Their idea of farm- and community-centered production, supported by international market opportunities, proved to be successful, and the Del Cabo cooperative was formed in 1986. Today, the collaboration between Jacobs Farm and the Baja growers provides over 400 farming families with needed training in organic growing, harvesting and handling. It also provides start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training and consistent distribution channels to ensure the best return for small-scale farms.

Today Jacobs Farm grows more than 60 organic produce items. The partners continue their deep commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable, organic growing practices that help to improve the standard of living for Del Cabo participants and their families.

Del Cabo farmers produce a full category of organic tomatoes including specialty cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, vegetables and fruits. The company distributes throughout the United States and Canada.