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Kern Ridge kicks off busy carrot season in October

Arvin, CA-based Kern Ridge Growers LLC’s busiest season starts in October with organic and conventional carrots.

“Carrots are our primary crop, and we offer both organic and conventional options,” said Andrew Bianchi, sales manager. “We also handle citrus. Green bell peppers and chili peppers are available seasonally, from the first week of June through the third week of July.”

All Kern Ridge Growers’ fresh-pack organic carrots are packed by hand for quality and consistency. The company packs its organic carrots under the “All Natural” label. It is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers.

It offers a variety of packs and sizes for its organic carrots, including cellos, table and jumbo sizes and juice carrots.

Kern Ridge Growers’ cut-and-peeled organic carrots are bagged in 3-ounce, 1-pound, 2-pound and 5-pound bags.

“We anticipate a normal crop this season,” said Mr. Bianchi. “The organic market is steady. Although the organic category has leveled off somewhat, it is holding.”

The company will start its Navel-orange program in November, which extends through May. “This is a conventional item,” said Mr. Bianchi. “Kern Ridge Growers is packing and shipping citrus under the ‘Sunkist’ label, and Sunkist markets the citrus.”

Kern Ridge Growers is a year-round shipper of California carrots. Its history dates back to the early 1970s when it started packing cello carrots under the “Kern Ridge” label. The majority of its carrots are grown in the rich, sandy loam soil near the mountain range at the southern end of the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

Kern Ridge Growers is third-party certified by Primus Labs for food safety. The company’s employees receive regular, ongoing training in food safety, product handling and hygiene. The training is supported by diligent supervision to ensure food-safety practices are maintained through every aspect of the growing, harvesting, packing and shipping process.