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Potato movement underway for 2011 season at McCormick & Milne LLC

McCormick & Milne LLC, headquartered in Monte Vista, CO, has entered its seventh year of operation, working with potato growers in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. Managing Member John McCormick said he expects volume marketed this season will be comparable to 2010, coming in at 8,000 loads.

Mr. Milne has been in the industry as a shipper-broker since 1982.

The company works with more than 20 growers in the valley who produce Norkotahs, yellows and reds. According to Mr. McCormick, acreage currently in potato production declined slightly when compared to last season. Vine killing started the week of Aug. 15.

“We’re shipping potatoes out today,” Mr. McCormick told The Produce News on Aug. 22. “They’re really looking great.” The shipping season runs to July, at which time McCormick & Milne moves potatoes from Kansas and Nebraska. “We return to the valley in August,” Mr. McCormick commented.

The majority of potatoes handled by McCormick & Milne are sold to repackers. The company’s largest markets are located in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma and California.

McCormick & Milne offers logistics services to its customers to keep product moving. “Scott Marques takes care of all our transportation,” Mr. McCormick went on to say.

The newest member of the sales team is Scott Consaul, who joined the company a year ago.