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Commitment to quality is a driving force at Metz Potato

Bill Metz, third-generation potato farmer, carries on the legacy begun by his grandfather and father, the founders of Metz Potato Co. in Monte Vista, CO. “We pride ourselves in shipping quality, not quantity,” he said Aug. 22. Today, Mr. Metz and his son, Greg, are the face of one of the few independent potato shippers left in the San Luis Valley.

Metz Potato Co. began operations in the 1930s. Mr. Metz said his grandfather installed one of the first air conditioning units in the valley in the 1940s. “He could hold potatoes until late spring and early May,” Mr. Metz said.

Today, the company grows and ships conventional Norkotahs. “We deal with eight or nine brokers,” Mr. Metz stated.

This season, Mr. Metz anticipates the company will produce 500,000 sacks of potatoes, marketed under the “Top Quality” label. The shipping season will begin around Oct. 1 and continue through July 1, 2012.

Product is received by grocery chains and club stores throughout the United States. Packing options include all consumer packs, specialty packs, cartons and bulk.