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Quality crop for Colorado Specialty Potatoes

Colorado Specialty Potatoes is preparing to move a quality crop into the pipeline. Pam Bogle, who manages the company’s warehouse and is part of the sales team, said specialty potatoes are grown by Bigelow Associated Farms. “J.B. Farms LLC, doing business as Colorado Specialty Potaotes is the shipper and the warehouse,” she told The Produce News on Aug. 24. “Ken Burback is the farm manager.”

The farm and warehouse are located just east of Center, CO. “Bigelow Associated Farms has been growing fingerlings for about 15 years,” Ms. Bogle stated. “We grow Russian Banana, Red Thumb and Purple Peruvian fingerlings; Bintje and Purple Majesty for C-size; and Yukons and Rio Grande Russets.”

Production is progressing. “The crop is looking good,” she went on to say. “All the fingerling varieties, the Purple Majesty, Bintje and Yukon have been killed.” She said the only variety that may be affected by weather this season is the Rio Grande Russet. “We really don’t know this yet,” she said. “The set on the Rio Grande is very good. The bulking will take place in the next few weeks.”

The harvest is tentatively scheduled to begin on Sept. 12. “We may have some varieties ready by Sept. 7,” she stated. “It is guessing game right now. We just have to see how skin set progresses.”

Colorado Specialty Potatoes’ shipping season typically runs from mid-October through the middle of June.