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GenPro adjusting to changing times


The transportation needs of shippers and receivers are ever evolving, and so are the services provided by the logistics experts at GenPro Inc., based in Rutherford, NJ.

Company President Robert Goldstein, who founded the firm as a truck brokerage operation more than 20 years ago, said that the industry is changing very rapidly. While there is still a need for delivery of transportation on a spot-market basis, more and more shippers and receivers are partnering with transportation companies to manage their transportation needs on an ongoing basis.

“We have a proven business model in place that emphasizes service,” Mr. Goldstein said. “For a middle-person company like ourselves, the key is to be a solutions provider for your customers.”

Mr. Goldstein said that GenPro has taken a systems approach to solve the problems of its customers. The company prides itself on the services it can offer and, most importantly, executing on the promises it makes.

The longtime transportation expert reiterated that finding a load for a customer on a spot-market basis is always going to be part of the business, and he believes GenPro excels in that service. But he said that customers are more often “institutionalizing their business.” In other words, both the customers and the transportation provider are leveraging their book of business to produce consistent service and consistent rates. He said that more customers are issuing RFPs (requests for proposals) and looking for a transportation partner.

GenPro’s web site articulates the company’s philosophy: “At Genpro, our focus on exceeding customer expectations distinguishes us from other logistics providers. Our expertise in logistics management and the safe, reliable transport of your freight will guarantee your satisfaction with every load managed.”

Mr. Goldstein started the company with two employees and one office, but today it has grown into a firm that has five regional operating centers across the United States to manage a diverse mix of perishable and nonperishable freight movements for more than 500 customers.

In 2007, in response to its growing business volume and the changing needs of its customer base, Genpro established a Transportation Management Services Team designed to provide all customers with an end-to-end, technology-driven service that provides continuous systematic shipment visibility and is supported by a centralized point of contact to proactively address the dynamic needs of the customer’s management team.