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Harvest Crown opens Los Angeles office

Harvest Crown, which is headquartered in Bakersfield, CA, has added a Los Angeles office to go along with its Florida division for its Peruvian asparagus deal, as well as for the other fresh produce items that it imports.

Harold Crawford, chief executive officer of the importer-distributor, said that the addition of the Los Angeles office helps the company bring product to both coasts for its nationwide distribution program. The Los Angeles office is managed by Ray Gutierrez with Jan McDaniels assisting in sales. The office opened in April.

Mr. Crawford said that there have also been some changes in the Florida operation, which is in Delray Beach. David Robles is the import manager in Florida with Lloyd Diamond heading the sales team.

Harvest Crown is relatively new to the Peruvian asparagus deal, now entering its third year importing the South American crop. “We have a good import department with avocados, mangos, pineapples and blueberries,” said Mr. Crawford. “We were looking for another main item that we could import all year long, and we settled on Peruvian asparagus. We have built rapport with the growers down there, and we have established ourselves with the buying community up here.”

Mr. Crawford said that the company’s volume has grown each year, and he expects it to increase again this year. “We have a man on the ground in Peru who handles quality control and works with the growers and shippers.”

The longtime produce veteran said that the deal has exceeded expectations. “We are doing very well and expanding every year. It has been a good crop for us.”

He said that the firm does import asparagus from Peru year round, but he noted that volume drops off dramatically during the late spring and early summer period when California is at the peak of its production.