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Wholly Guacamole would like to be ‘hero of the American diet’

The folks at Fresherized Foods in Fort Worth, TX, manufacturer of Wholly Guacamole, are “extremely excited” that consumers “are finally getting it, that avocados are a healthy fruit,” according to Tracey Altman, vice president of Marketing.

Wholly Guacamole is produced using an ultra-high pressure process that “allows us to offer an all-natural guacamole or avocado product without any additives or preservatives,” said Cindy Wong, vice president of foodservice, in an interview last year.

The ultra-high-pressure technology enables Wholly Guacamole to retain the nutritional and health benefits of fresh avocados.

“We want to be the hero of the American diet,” Ms. Altman told The Produce News July 22. “we want to help people with that healthier choice, sow e love being part of the produce family, and we love that we are all natural, no additives or preservatives.”

Today’s consumers are increasingly health-conscious in their diet choices, she said. But there continue to be problems, such as the childhood obesity epidemic, that “could easily be solved” with proper diet choices such as serving kids things like carrots and guacamole at snack time rather than salty snacks.

“As retailers and manufacturers, we own some of that responsibility,” she said, “not to tell people what to do but to offer them other alternatives.”

At Fresherized, “we want people to shop more produce. We want people to experiment more in produce,” Ms. Altman said.

Shoppers who buy Wholly Guacamole generally put other produce items in their shopping carts too, she said. “People add [other produce items] to our product all the time,” so “the basket that includes Wholly Guacamole typically includes a red onion, typically includes tomatoes, typically includes cilantro and lime.”

Earlier this year, Wholly Guacamole ran a health-oriented promotion called Biggest Loser, encouraging people to lose weight through healthy diet choices.

One of the major advantages of Wholly Guacamole is its convenience, Ms. Altman said. “I don’t see avocados as a competitor,” she added. “We want people to use avocados. We want people to use guacamole.” When time allows putting a slice of avocado on a salad or sandwich or making some guacamole from scratch is a good thing. But “when you are busy,” opening a package of Wholly Guacamole is a convenient and healthy choice.

Guacamole is “not just an ethnic food any more,” she said. At one time, guacamole was served mainly with Mexican dishes. Then it became a dip. Now it is becoming “a spread or a condiment,” used in place of mayonnaise or sour cream or ranch dressing. That is “really exciting for our industry in general.”

Use of avocados “has really expanded, which means people are buying them not just for special occasions any more, but they are buying them for dinnertime and lunch time.”

Fresherized Foods has manufacturing plants in Mexico and Peru. “We have been very strategic” about the location of the facilities, Ms. Altman said. “We are near the growing areas” and can “get avocados right before they are ripe, so that when we get them to the manufacturing plant, they are ripe and ready.”