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Colorful Harvest focuses on eye appeal, flavor and nutrition

Colorful Harvest LLC of Salina, CA, has natural ways of getting attention — the vibrant color and visual appeal of its product line is readily apparent, and that holds true for the berry category.

Through traditional plant breeding, ancient color traits have been brought forward in heirloom seeds and varietals that naturally produce brighter, more colorful produce. The same traits that give unique hues to Colorful Harvest varieties also deliver premium taste and nutrition.

“Seventy percent of all produce purchased is done by visual impulse, and if you’re stuff doesn’t look good and doesn’t catch the eye with color, cleanliness and uniformity of packaging, if you’re not doing a good job on that, how can you expect to benefit from that 70 percent?” asked Chief Operating Officer and partner Doug Ranno.

Colorful Harvest is a 12-month supplier in the berry category, with strawberries taking center stage and coming from multiple farms in California, Mexico and Florida, packed under the company’s own label as well as for “Green Giant” and other labels and retailers.

“Our claim to fame is having one of the most diverse and well-rounded year-round berry programs. We’re known for being a company you can talk to about berries 52 weeks out of the year,” Mr. Ranno said. “We pretty much have all of the major growing regions covered. We are logistically established as having the infrastructure available for immediate pick-to-cool and fresh-cut-to-cool in even some of the toughest geographic regions. We have been innovators in adapting the best-tasting, best-producing varieties to a particular region rather than forcing growers to produce varieties to fit our program. We’re excited with the growth of our berry program in every region. For that matter, we just picked up a couple of new ranches in California and a couple in Florida.”

Already a significant player, Colorful Harvest continues to grow because it continues to deliver. And as demand continues to increase in the berry category, Colorful Harvest will continue to adapt to serve customer needs and grow right along with it.

“We’ve worked on diversities of pack size and pack brands, the ‘Green Giant’ brand, the ‘Colorful Harvest’ brand. Our supply is so large it affords us multiple opportunities,” Mr. Ranno said. “The ‘Colorful Harvest’ brand on its own has gained reputation as one of the most premier premium brands. Much of that comes from some of our unique products, our focus on taste, color and nutrition as opposed to production. We get a lot of value for that and deliver value to growers because of that. In addition, other premium brands like ‘Green Giant’ associate themselves with us because of that.”

In addition to strawberries, the company also has a “pretty substantial” blackberry program, packs blueberries under the “Colorful Harvest” label and is in field trials with some developmental raspberry varieties. “We’ve also explored some other unique berry varieties, and we’re definitely always looking at that next new, unique Colorful Harvest product,” said Mr. Ranno.

This year’s berry deal is right on track and should be one of the most successful we’ve had,” Mr. Ranno told The Produce News Aug. 1. “We’ve increased acreage quite a bit, have a successful program in Mexico and Florida, a new [winter production] facility coming in Plant City, FL, and we’re excited about our fall berries in California as well.”