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Spuds coming along nicely for Wahluke Produce Inc.

The 2011-12 potato season is shaping up nicely for Wahluke Produce Inc. in Mattawa, WA. “We had a wet, cool spring and a very mild summer so far,” Sales Manager Scott Nesbit told The Produce News July 22. “Growing conditions have been almost perfect for growing potatoes this summer. But we still have August to get through. Anything can still happen.”

The harvest was anticipated to ramp up on Aug. 8, which Mr. Nesbit said is two weeks behind typical timetables. “We are hoping for a great crop this year,” he went on to say. “We expect good sizing and quality on our storage crop.”

Product is marketed under five labels: “Tatoes,” “Priest Rapids,” “Spuds,” “Golden Pearls” and “Rainier Gold.”

The company’s customer base is comprised of a full range of receivers. Domestically, sales are strong in Washington and along the West Coast. According to Mr. Nesbit, the company also exports good volumes to western Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

“Our export business continues to grow each year to the Far East,” he added.

The company has a Facebook page for its “Tatoes” brand. “Customers and fans can leave us comments,” Mr. Nesbit said.