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Fresh Point Connecticut hoping for cooler temperatures and more moisture for New England crops

Tom Yandow, retail sales representative for Fresh Point Connecticut in Hartford, CT, told The Produce News July 19 that fresh products from within the state and other areas of New England were starting to arrive.

“Corn is coming on first, followed by green and yellow squashes and, in limited supplies, cabbage,” said Mr. Yandow.

Fresh Point Connecticut is owned by Sysco, a Fortune 100 company and North America’s leading foodservice distributor. Sysco has 31 distribution locations across North America, and some of its companies have been serving their local markets for over 75 years. Today, by owning its operating companies, Sysco can provide operational excellence on a national and local scale, support systems, customer service, leverage buying and food safety to the food industry.

Fresh Point Connecticut joins with other Sysco companies in offering not only fresh produce, but also extensive information for the foodservice industry on the proper handling of fresh produce — from the ordering to preparation stages — to meet its commitment to maintaining the highest food-quality standards.

Its FreshPress newsletter is published weekly and offers up-to-date information on product availability, market reports, produce highlights, a question of the week and other issues of interest to help its foodservice customers stay ahead of the curve. Customers who sign up at the company’s web site will receive the free market reports by email.

Mr. Yandow said that locally produced cucumbers, peppers and eggplant were expected to start arriving the week of July 25.

“The crops look good, but we have some concerns about the extended heat we’re having in the region,” he said. “If it persists, we could face some problems. The plants could get burned. We need cooler temperatures and some rain at night. So far we’ve had only some scattered showers. Of course heavy rains could create some threat of hail, and that’s also a concern. If the weather is favorable, we should have really good New England produce this year.”

In addition to produce, many of the Sysco companies also distribute fresh dairy products, other value-added items and fancy foods.