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Fisher Capespan enjoying success in summer citrus

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ — Marc Solomon, president of Fisher Capespan, said that the late-California citrus deal lingered until the end of June.

“July 4 is now in the past, and we expect good movement from here on out,” Mr. Solomon said in a July 6 interview.

The South African citrus season’s second refrigerated breakbulk vessel discharged at the Gloucester Marine Terminal July 5-6. The 3,500 pallets of clementines and Navels “look really nice. They have good color and good Brix,” Mr. Solomon noted.

He said that Peruvian citrus, which is shipped by container to Philadelphia and Port Elizabeth, NJ, “had good arrivals” that began before the South African deal. Peruvian citrus “is much improved this year,” he noted. In early July, the South African fruit volume had far-surpassed that of Peru.

Western Cape South African citrus firms, which concentrate on the U.S. market, export the volume via ship vessels after early-season container volumes. The first vessel of South African citrus arrived June 19 in Gloucester City.

Chilean citrus will come later this summer, Mr. Solomon said.