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Strong summer grape deal sets stage for fall program at Dulcich

Dulcich & Sons in Delano, CA, along with its marketing arm, Sunlight International Sales Inc., said that it is experiencing one of the better years for its California grape deal due to ideal growing conditions in the San Joaquin Valley.

Dulcich’s “Pretty Lady” Flames, which are currently being packed and shipped, are showing excellent color and flavor, according to Nick Dulcich of Sunlight Sales.

“The Pretty Lady Flames have long proven themselves to increase produce department sales overall, so produce managers everywhere will want to place their orders early to create amazing displays featuring these delectable beauties that will draw customers in,” he said in a July 20 press release.

Mr. Dulcich added that retailers should start planning for the fall grape season, and the company will be promoting its popular “Hobgoblin” grape program in October, which features eye-catching free-standing bins, grab-n-go colander bags and shelf danglers.

The program has been well received by retailers, said Mr. Dulcich, who recommended that orders be placed early so the sales-building point-of-sale materials can be reserved.

“While this is always a very exciting time for us, I honestly have never seen the grapes look better than this year,” he added in the press release. “To start off the season as strong as we have, with a crop that truly can’t be beat, means great things to come not only for the rest of the summer, but for the fall as well. Our retail partners are really going to be excited when they see the amazing product we are shipping to them,” said Mr. Dulcich.