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Spice World promotes squeezable garlic as restaurant table condiment

Spice World Inc., headquartered in Orlando, FL, will be displaying its full line of garlic products, with a special highlight on its Squeeze Garlic, at booth number 133 at the July 29-31 Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference & Exposition in Monterey, CA.

Louis J. Hymel III, director of purchasing and marketing for the company, told The Produce News that in addition to him, Mitch DiMarco, director of foodservice, will be on hand at the booth to greet customers and prospective customers.

“Our new resealable pouch for peeled garlic is also now being offered,” said Mr. Hymel. “Also, Spice World’s ‘Squeeze Garlic’ has taken garlic from not just an ingredient but now as a table-ready condiment. With its unique ready-to-eat flavor profile, it has unlimited applications and lends itself to be taken on the road to picnics, barbecues, the workplace, lunchrooms, and to restaurant kitchens and tables. We offer 9.5- and 20-ounce squeezable sizes.”

He added that there will be plenty of free samples of Squeeze Garlic at the expo for visitors to take home or to conveniently add a little extra garlic flavor to meals while traveling.

“Our Foodservice division is always growing,” said Mr. Hymel. “However, with our 62 years as a leader, and with such a strong market share in retail, our foodservice division represents a smaller percentage of our total sales. Because of the diversity of our product line — fresh, peeled, processed ready-to-use jar garlic and granulated — we fill all garlic needs to all segments of the industry. When it comes to garlic, Spice World is your one-source garlic supplier to all ends of the market.”

As a fully vertically integrated company from seed to plate, Spice World ships nationwide and it exports to foreign countries.

Mr. Hymel said that the weak economy is still affecting the foodservice industry. “However, the best operators know value, and Spice World’s products bring value to their bottom line,” he said. “Quality, value and labor-saving garlic products from us help the end users to maintain their profit margins. Therefore our sales are strong even in a bad economy.”

Despite the poor economy, Spice World continues to reinvest in its operations. Mr. Hymel said that in today’s economy, the best investment is capital improvements in operations. “We are currently increasing our storage capacity at our Coalinga, California, operation, and we continuously upgrade our packaging equipment for better efficiencies,” he said.

Consumers, said Mr. Hymel, continue to drive the “Spice World” branded ready-to-use jar garlic as a leading jar garlic product in America. “We also offer one of the best original Italian-recipe [pesto sauces] in the market, along with fresh and peeled shallots. Our full-line of organic garlic items continues to grow in demand.”

Mr. Hymel said that the fresh garlic crop in California is doing well this year, and the Chinese garlic entering the United States will be plentiful, with good quality from both origins. “Spice World offers both California and Chinese garlic because it’s what our customers want,” he said. “We provide complete traceability, and we have achieved the highest levels of certification with several different third-party audits. In addition, we continue to seek sustainable methods for packaging and in our operations.”