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Duda invites PMA Foodservice expo visitors to Le Café Duda

Nichole Towell, marketing development manager for Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc., headquartered in Oviedo, FL, told The Produce News that the company will be exhibiting at the July 29-31 Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference & Exposition in Monterey, CA, at booth number 137, where it will be featuring Le Café Duda.

“Attendees at the expo are invited to Le Café Duda,” said Ms. Towell. “Here they will see that our farm-grown fresh products are as rich in flavor and convenience as they are in helping operators achieve their revenue goals. Foodservice operations can increase their shelf life with ‘Dandy’ fresh-cut products. Sliced, diced and packed to maximize longevity, our products stay fresher longer, helping you to reduce waste and utilize what you buy efficiently.”

She also stressed how “Dandy” brand products can help operators save money and increase their bottom line by eliminating the labor needed to slice, dice and chop celery and radishes. “Our fresh-cut products give you the opportunity to buy what you need and when you need it due to our consistent availability and year-round supply,” Ms. Towell added.

Representing the company at the expo will be Bill Munger, director of fresh-cut sales; Rich Uchida, sales manager; Shane Flynn, account manager; Bobby Nunes, senior account manager; Rob Steitz, senior account manager; Joel Gonzalez, account manager; Jason Bedsole, sales associate; Christina Monnin, account manager of Eastern vegetables and citrus; and Tim Ross, regional sales manager.

Duda Farm Fresh’s radish MiniSticks were an instant hit at the consumer level when the product was launched last fall, and now the company is making the item available in foodservice-size packs. MiniSticks are perfect for adding crunch to salad spreads, as a topper for soups and salads, as an ingredient in dips, and much more. For foodservice operators, the MiniSticks are available in one-pound bags, packed five to a case.

One-quarter of Duda Farm Fresh’s business is foodservice driven, and the company ships across North America to meet the needs of foodservice distributors and operators from coast to coast.

“Duda Farm Fresh Foods can meet the needs of any customer seeking fresh produce for their foodservice business,” said Ms. Towell. “From white tablecloth to fast-food chains, our fresh, whole product and fresh-cut product solutions are the perfect solution for any restaurant kitchen.”

Ms. Towell added that the company’s fresh-cut business in thriving. “The weakened economy has really put savings in perspective for our customers in terms of the overall savings that they experience with our fresh-cut products,” she said.

In June, Duda Farm Fresh Foods announced two staff changes. John Alderman, who has been with the company for six years as account manager, was promoted to senior account manager. He will work with the company’s East Coast vegetable producers and Florida citrus growers to coordinate harvests, strengthen relations, share commodity market insights, and champion the conventional and organic celery and citrus programs for the company’s eastern fresh sales. The company welcomed Christina L. Monnin as account manager of Eastern vegetables and citrus in June. Her responsibilities will be servicing accounts, strategizing and developing opportunities for the company. Ms. Monnin brings to Duda experience that includes marketing, sales, grower relations and logistics.

During the chef demonstrations on Sunday morning prior to the opening of the PMA Foodservice expo, Chef Todd Fisher will prepare a ricotta tart with a bloody Mary salad featuring Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ signature product: fresh celery.

Visitors to the company’s exhibition booth will find fresh-cut celery, celery, radishes, radish MiniSticks, lemons, clementines and Meyer lemons, which are available in the fall.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing fresh products since 1909, when its founder, Andrew Duda, moved to the United States in search of the American dream. Today, the company’s vision to provide freshness, flavor and quality products at an affordable price is still its primary goal. Andrew Duda’s vision has been passed down to five generations of family members, who strive for excellence and keep the family’s farming business running strong.