New web site reflects Bonipak’s updated market philosophy

Santa Maria, CA-based Bonipak, one of the larger produce companies on California’s Central Coast, has launched a new web site to reflect its “Seed to Sale” philosophy of marketing its product.

“Bonipak has undergone many changes over the past three years, and our new web site reflects those advancements,” Mitch Ardantz, Bonipak’s managing partner, said in a press release. “Our ‘Seed to Sale’ approach resonates with customers, who prefer to partner with companies that are directly involved with the entire supply chain. This includes planting, growing, harvesting, cooling and shipping. The new web site is one of many exciting changes to come from Bonipak.”

The new web site, which is customer-focused and more interactive than previous versions, is the first step taken by Bonipak to connect directly with customers. The clean, contemporary design reflects Bonipak’s role as a premium produce grower.