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PEAKfreshUSA names XPEDX exclusive Northwest distributor

PEAKfreshUSA, headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, is providing the Northwest cherry industry with state-of-the-art packaging options. President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Ganzerla said that the company will bring the same innovative products to the region that have been available to California’s cherry growers since 2007.

“I am happy to introduce XPEDX as our exclusive distributor of PEAKfresh products for the Northwest,” Mr. Ganzerla told The Produce News May 23. “XPEDX is a division of International Paper and is a full-service solution provider to our Northwest cherry growers. XPEDX, along with its acquisitions, have been servicing the Northwest growers for over 25 years. Their programs include equipment, fulfillment and packaging consumable solutions for that community.”

PEAKfresh is a low-density polyethylene packaging film specifically developed for fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers. The company’s web site states, “When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, PEAKfresh will extend the life of your product and maintain its freshness.”

The two companies have been working together for more than a year studying and testing PEAKfresh’s products.

“Our modified atmosphere packaging drives substantial increased consumption of harvested fruit, helping to reduce the waste created by rejected aging yields,” Mr. Ganzerla said.

The company has distinguished itself with its product offerings. “One thing to keep in mind that PEAKfresh products do not use harmful C02 gases for shelf life preservation,” he said. “We extrude all our products with natural minerals that take out the ethylene gases that are created naturally by the cherries, therefore giving them longer shelf life. We are also certified for organic use, and all our products are made in the USA.”

Mr. Ganzerla said that XPEDX will be handling the full line of PEAKfresh custom, domestic and Euro carton liners, pallet covers and retail level products for the Northwest, including clear and white opaque box liners, as well as clear pallet covers.

“We can also make shelf life retail level bags for one-, two- or three-pound packs,” Mr. Ganzerla added.