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Gambles clarifies its rebranding effort

A rebranding of Toronto-based Gambles Ontario Produce Inc. has gone well, according to Tom Kioussis, head of business development for the firm.

Earlier this spring, Mr. Kioussis told The Produce News that the firm was technically keeping its name but would simply work with the company name “Gambles” from day to day.

Additionally, the firm made plans to change its brand and logo, which previously involved artwork of a carrot and an apple, in addition to the long-standing “Snoboy” brand. Early this year the company logo was changed to simply using the carrot and apple art with the word “Gambles.”

On May 27, Mr. Kioussis said these changes have created some confusion within the industry. “The way this was perceived by some of our business partners was that we were dropping ‘Snoboy’ products from our line, which is not true. We are not dropping ‘Snoboy’ labeled products, but simply dropping the brand off our logo.”

He added that Gambles represents many top labels, including “Snoboy,” from the best shippers in the world.

“ ‘Snoboy’ is a symbol of quality and freshness, which goes hand in hand with what Gambles is known for,” Mr. Kioussis said. “It is one of the most recognized brands in our industry, and Gambles is proud to continue on a great relationship with Amerifresh, with a further commitment to build the ‘Snoboy’ brand. Our history with Amerifresh goes back many generations. ‘Snoboy’ represents the strong foundation between the two companies.”