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Peri & Sons continues to increase company’s sweet organic onion production in Nevada

David Peri, chief executive officer and president of Yerington, NV-based Peri & Sons Farms, said that his company’s white, yellow, red and sweet organic onions grow so well in western Nevada because the state’s long, sunny days, dry climate and clean underground water have created an environment naturally resistant to pests and disease.

“Unlike some farms, Peri & Sons Farms has never been dependent on harmful pesticides or fertilizers,” Mr. Peri said in a press release. “Organic farming was a natural transition for us, and because we are committed to continual process improvement, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of organic-farming advancement. Also, our onions are never genetically engineered, modified or irradiated.”

Peri & Sons Farms’ “Organic Onions” and “Sweetie Sweet” organic onions continue to meet and at times exceed the National Organic Program standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2002. The farms have consistently earned the USDA certified-organic seal, assuring customers the product is grown and handled in accordance with strict government standards and procedures.

Teri Gibson, marketing and customer relations manager for Peri & Sons Farms, said the market for organic produce will continue to grow.

“We believe the organic onion category will grow at a moderate pace through 2012, and Peri & Sons Farms will continue to increase organic production to meet the pace of demand,” Ms. Gibson said in the release. “Currently about 12 percent of Peri & Sons Farms’ total onion acreage is devoted to organic farming.”

Ms. Gibson said more people are choosing organic produce as part of a healthy lifestyle, and she noted, “Consumers’ growing awareness of the importance of protecting our country’s natural resources and the lives — human, wild, plant and insect — that depend upon those resources results in their willingness to pay premium prices established in the marketplace. That’s a good thing all around.”