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Dietz & Kolodenko has a longtime fruit house heritage

CHICAGO — Dietz & Kolodenko Co., which operates from the Chicago International Produce Market, has held the same role in this produce industry for decades, according to Nick Gaglione.

Mr. Gaglione has been associated with Dietz & Kolodenko since the first half of the 1970s. He bought the company in 1994.

Dietz & Kolodenko was formed in 1963.

“We have been together, with the same people working, basically, since then. We have been known as a fruit house since the ‘git-go.’ We are mostly all fruit, with apples, pears grapes and melons,” Mr. Gaglione said.

Product comes from domestic, South American and New Zealand sources.

“We service a lot of independent retailers,” Mr. Gaglione said. “Some have one store. Some have seven or eight stores.”

Dietz & Kolodenko serves chainstore customers, as well.

“We try to carry a premium package product. It has been essentially the same for 30-some years,” Mr. Gaglione asserted.

The one big change is that the industry has shifted to have “fruit available year-round, between imports and our own domestic product. We do quite a bit of apples. Apples do store a long time and are available year round from around the world.”