Syngenta to invest in new facility

Plant breeder Syngentaannounced May 20 that it plans to construct a new state-of-the-art biotechnology research facility that will focus on issues like climate change, drought, crop productivity and plant performance.

The new facility will be located adjacent to Syngenta’s existing research campus in Research Triangle Park, NC. Construction on the $71 million facility, was scheduled to begin in early June.

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to R&D and to remain at the forefront of plant genetics research,” said Sandro Aruffo, Syngenta head of research and development,” in a statement.

“While it’s possible we could do some flowers research … in support of the company’s flowers business, it’s not in the immediate plans,” Steve Goldsmith, director of communications for Syngenta Biotechnology, said in an interview..

The facility will feature research laboratories and sophisticated growth environments.