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Future is bright for T.M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia Inc.

PHILADELPHIA — The future of T.M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia Inc. is very bright, with the June 5 move to the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.

Tom Kovacevich III, general manager of the firm known as TMK, said the new market “has exceeded all expectations. That is the most appropriate statement. The efficiencies we have gained are unbelievable. The old facility we had was outgrown 15 years ago. We didn’t understand how much more efficient we could be if we had room to work. Deliveries are faster and getting orders to customers are much faster.”

TMK had rented warehouse space outside the old market, so the company’s net warehousing space in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is about the same as before, according to Mr. Kovacevich. The huge difference is “that we don’t spend all day transferring product” from one point to another. TMK occupies six units in the new market, giving it the most space of any of the facility’s distributors.

Mr. Kovacevich said that the market makes it easy to focus on customers.

Since TMK was first founded, “We always focused on customer satisfaction,” said Mr. Kovacevich. “That’s an old-fashioned, simple truth. Make the customers happy. Give them what they want, and you have to be a good listener. We deliver on our promises as best we can.” As a result, “we have seen growth every year. We are in a good place. Things are good. The new market literally came at a perfect time for us. The gains in efficiency we pick up here give us the ability to grow.”

Mr. Kovacevich, who has worked for the family business since 1986, continued, “If you are more efficient and if you use your space more efficiently, you can maximize the number of packages you move through it.”

Mr. Kovacevich said June 14 that he had seen “a lot of new faces” of buyers go through the market in the first week it was open. “The customers and the delivery guys are all smiling.” He added that he clearly sees a bright future for his business.