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Johanson Transportation Service celebrates presence in Philadelphia

Philadelphians are not alone in celebrating their new terminal market.

Johanson Transportation Service, based in Fresno, CA, has long worked with Philadelphia receivers.

Rick Rattazzi, senior vice president of the truck brokerage, which was created in 1971 and operates under the name JTS, has “found the Philadelphia market is just good for us. It has been a good mix. There are good customers there on the market. Philadelphia is a good reloading area for our trucks and we are treated very fairly going into that market. It is almost the only market that we service with any regular volume. Most of our business is to chain or box stores. We match up well with people there. Their ethics work well for us. We have been in business there for over 30 years. There are good people there. We have good relationships and service from throughout the United States” into Philadelphia.

Mr. Rattazzi continued, “I think this new facility will be fantastic for their business up there.” Compared to some other terminal markets, “it is wide open getting in there.”

He added that the old Philadelphia market “was congested and the new market has a lot of space. Truck parking is ample. The guys were in rough condition” on the old market, while the new “is a plus-plus-plus for everybody. We want them to prosper and we want to be a part of that.

“We wish those guys in the Philadelphia market a lot of luck and success,” Mr. Rattazzi added. “We support them and wish them the best. They have a wonderful facility and are compliant with the laws and regulations for the cold chain. That can’t do anything but help them in the long term.”

In early June, Mr. Rattazzi said that his firm was negotiating rates to Philadelphia from California that were around $8,500 per load.

“These are uncharted levels now, he said. “We are seeing incredibly high truck markets right now. We are turning more freight down than we are booking. We can’t entertain outside freight. We are taking care of our regular customers now.”