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United Marketing Exchange: Short cherry crop precedes good pears and apples

A late April freeze resulted in limited cherry volume for United Marketing Exchange in Delta, CO, but Mike Gibson, the company’s sales manager, said in late June that the packer-shipper expected to see a “great pear crop” coming off in late August.

“We had a very short cherry season,” Mr. Gibson said. “Peaches will also be down due to the cold weather earlier in the spring.”

Peaches will start shipping in early August and clean up Sept. 8-10.

“But our pear crop looks very good,” he said, noting that it should run into early October.

“Apples could be in shorter supply this year due both to weather and to the alternate-bearing season,” he said. “Galas will start in early September, and then we’ll see Jonathans, Golds and Reds. We’ll have some Fujis, Romes and Granny Smiths later in the fall.”

United Marketing Exchange will also ship carving pumpkins this October, Mr. Gibson said.

And while acknowledging that the faltering U.S. economy has dealt a blow to virtually everyone, Mr. Gibson said, “Really, Mother Nature has been harder on [United Marketing Exchange] than the economy.”