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It’s all about tradition at Hungenberg Produce

Produce has been a family affair at Hungenberg Produce Co., located in Greeley, CO, for generations. What started as a small truck farm operation at the turn of the 20th century blossomed into a thriving Colorado business.

“We’ve been here in the produce business for a long, long, long time,” co-owner Paul Hungenberg told The Produce News June 27. Mr. Hungenberg and his three sons continue to carry the family banner.

“We grow everything in a five-mile radius of Greeley,” said Mr. Hungenberg. Carrots have been a mainstay for the company since its earliest days and are grown on 1,000 acres. Hungenberg Produce markets cello packs, consumer bags, baby peeled, shredded and snack packs as well as washed and graded carrots.

The company grows cabbage on 500 acres, and markets onion sets to garden and seed companies.

Mr. Hungenberg was asked how the crops are progressing this season. “The crops are looking really good,” he replied. Carrots and cabbage are marketed under the “Crispak” label. Half of the volume is sold in Colorado, and the balance is moved throughout the United States. Arizona and Texas are key markets for the company.